Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Daily Habit

"Daily life is woven together with the threads of habit , and no habit is more important to our spiritual health than the discipline of daily prayer and devotion to the Creator."

Throughout my life, when I have experienced times of unrest, dissatisfaction, joylessness, discontent, there is a commonality that runs through: my lack of time spent at the feet of the Lord and Savior of my life. I constantly give in to the "pressing" needs of day-to-day life over and above this most important of all needs, the filling of my soul with His presence, wisdom, and peace. Throughout this year it was my goal to seek out God's wisdom and to surrender to Him, and though I have grown in this area of seeking Him in my life, it has been sporadic, rather than steady and continuous. If you could graph it, it would probably end up looking like a mountain range with all the peaks and valleys. There are still areas of my life that I hold back from Him and too many times when I seek my own "wisdom" or that of this world before His. And it's no wonder when I do not daily carve out time for Him to speak to me, to move in me.
Why this is the area of greatest struggle for me, I'll never know. It all comes down to choices and creating that daily habit.  Heaven knows I've made room for the habits of Facebook, eating, and watching television .
This year has seen many areas of discipline, change and growth: our screen time habits, eating habits, where we give our time and energy. And yet this area continues to fall short. This area which touches every other in my life.
It's almost time to move into 2013. While I don't know what God has in store for me the rest of this year, I know that I want to move WITH Him rather than against or away from. And that all begins with a simple choice...

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